Meet the Silver Balloon Team

...a family business with a little help from our friends


Creator & Director

Kerry Blackburn is the creator of Silver Balloon and author of the bedtime story tracks. She is a BAFTA award-winning journalist. Before becoming mum to Ethan in 2002 and creating Silver Balloon, Kerry was a Programme Editor and Senior Foreign Producer for Channel Four News. The Blackburns moved to Australia in 2007 and are based in Melbourne.

Kerry's two assistants are Ethan Blackburn (now 16!) and Helen Marcus (her mum). Ethan is a whizz at all the technology stuff and Helen is the sales supremo.  


Kerry's dad!

Sam Marcus was Kerry's dad - and the inspiration for the cockerel, the first sound you will hear on Album 1. Whilst he played no other part in the creative content of the albums (which was wisely left to the professionals), Sam's skills on the harmonica, and his awesome Tarzan impressions, embody the spirit of Silver Balloon.



Narrator of the bedtime story tracks

Jon Snow is the anchor of Channel Four News and the narrator of the bedtime story tracks. He is one of the UK's most well-known and respected broadcasters. Jon donated his fee for narrating the stories to the New Horizon charity for homeless teenagers, of which he is patron.



Patrick Byrne is the songwriting genius behind all the musical tracks on both albums. He is a multi-million selling musician who has worked alongside the likes of Paloma Faith, Will Young and Gabrielle. Patrick is the principal male vocalist on both My Silver Balloon albums.

...more of the multi-talented team behind Silver Balloon


Beccy Byrne is a professional singer, pianist and vocal coach, who has worked with Noel Gallagher, Robbie Williams and other international artists. Beccy is the female vocalist on Albums 1 and 2.


Mathew Priest is the founding member of the Brit-pop sensation Dodgy which found chart sucess with 'Good Enough', 'Staying out for the Summer', and 'In a Room', selling more than two million copies worldwide. Matt's drumming skills are legendary. He takes credit for much of the extreme silliness in the Silver Balloon albums. The character of Bobby Silly  which features in Albums 1 and 2 is one of Matt's creations.


Doogie the Barndancing Dog