FAQ - CD Info

I received the CD as a gift and don't have a CD player. How can I get hold of the digital files?

Just send an email to us at wecare@silverballoon.com, attaching an image of the CD itself (to prove ownership and so that we can send the correct album).  We will send you a link within 48 hours and you can download and stream on any of your devices.

I can't see the name I want to order

It may be worth having a look for a soundalike as we can spell the name any way you wish.  But if we don't have the name recorded, unfortunately we are unable to help.  By way of explanation, all the names have been recorded in real time in our professional studios and as such we can't make every name available.   Nevertheless, we are sorry to disappoint if we can't help on this occasion.


Yes.  As long as we have the soundalike then we can print the name on the face of the CD however you would like.  

To order a CD with an alternative spelling, select the soundalike from the drop down list. You can then enter how you would like us to print it on the CD in the box on the same page.

For example:  if your child is called Emilie, just select Emily from the drop down list, and specify the spelling Emilie on the checkout page.  Try to be imaginative in the alternative spellings:  e.g. for Kieran we have been asked for Keiran, Ciaran, Cyran, Cieren and Niamh can be Neave or Neve.

If you are unsure if we have the name or how we are pronouncing it then please CONTACT US.

The CDs are suitable for children from birth to about seven years old.  Album One is the most appropriate for the newborns and very youngest - right up to 5,6 or possibly even 7 years old (girls tend to enjoy them for longer than boys). It is our classic best-selling album and would generally be the best choice if it is the child's first Silver Balloon album. 

 Album Two has the same top age range, but isn't as suitable for newborns - ideally you would choose the second album if the child is 2+ .  It works particularly well if you have two children in the same family and don't want to get them both the same music.  

Do check our list of the available names.  We have a much wider selection in Album One than in Album 2.


CLICK HERE to download the songbook containing the lyrics to all the songs


The performers are Mathew Priest, Patrick Byrne, Beccy Byrne, and special guest narrator, the Channel Four newsreader, Jon Snow.   To find out more about these talented people please go to our ABOUT US page.


The music and lyrics were written by Mathew Priest and Patrick Byrne, except for the story which is the final tracks on both albums and was written by Kerry Blackburn. 


We have a selection of clips from all of our tracks on both albums so you can get a sense of what the music will sound like.   Please CLICK HERE to go to the Jukebox.