Album 1 - Names beginning with E

Album 1 - Names beginning with E

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our multi award-winning album
eight original tracks - educational and fun
suitable from birth to 7+
duration: 36 minutes
child's name sung more than 50 times
FREE song sheet to sing along with your child available after purchase


Track One: Wake up with We've got the Sunshine - the perfect way to start the day: encouraging children to get washed, brush their teeth, and go outside for some fresh air.

Track Two: Meet all the big game in Jungle Rumble as the child is taken on a tour around the forest and encouraged to mimic different animal sounds.

Track Three: Learn ABC and 123 in The Best That We Can Be - a catchy tune that will have the whole family singing along.

Track Four: The very youngest children identify parts of the body in Doogie the Barndancing Dog It's also a great way for toddlers to keep fit as they tickle their tummies and touch their toes.

Track Five: Clowning with Sounding - a really popular track where a raspberry blowing clown encourages children to identify different sounds.

Track Six: The theme tune of the album, Silver Balloon Party. No names in this one, but another catchy party favourite great to bop and sing along to.

Track Seven: And what better way for your child to drift off to sleep than the beautiful Spaceman's Lullaby where your child is the star of the story, helping the spaceman to find a comfortable cloud to sleep on.

PLUS! Every child wants to know what happens to the balloons they let go. Veteran British broadcaster Jon Snow solves the mystery, in the classic adventure of Poochki Bear and the Silver Balloon.